Factors Affecting Financial Planning for Retirement of Teachers and Personnel in the Office of Vocational Education, Singburi Province

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Achara Tupbuchakorn
Jariya Kruasin
Somruthai Sapsom


     This research aims to 1) study financing plan for retirement lives of teachers and academic officers in vocational Education,Singburi Province, 2) to compare financing plan for retirement lives of teachers and academic officers in vocational Education,Singburi Province by distinguishing personal characteristics. The researcher selected a sample population of 392 teachers and academic personnel in Singburi Vocational Province using the method of stratified random sampling. Names of teachers and academic personnel in Singburi Vocational College were drawn for selection in collecting data. The instrument of research was a questionnaire constructed by the researcher which was rated to evaluate into 5 levels at the reliability level of 0.928. Using techniques of descriptive statistics, the data collected were analyzed in terms of percentage, mean and standard deviation. The techniques of one-way analysis of variance (ANNOVA) was also employed by the researcher. If the significant difference was found at the statistic level of 0.05, the average marks would be tested by LSD Method. Findings are as follows: 1) Teachers and academic personnel in Singburi Vocational College had financing plan in an overall in 4 aspects at a high level. When considered in each aspect, it was found that it was at a high level in every aspect. 2) Personal financing plan for retirement lives of teachers and academic personnel in vocational Education,Singburi Province who have different ages, marital status, and levels of salary per month was not different in an overall aspect. Furthermore, Personal financing plan for retirement lives of teachers and academic personnel in Singburi Vocational College who have different level of education was significantly different an overall aspect  at .05

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